Ceph Storage network migration in a ProxMox cluster.

When setting up Zabbix monitoring for the home lab, we determined that the Ceph storage network was not initially configured as per best practices.

Rather than configuring Ceph with the monitors communicating on a “public” network and using a private “Cluster” network for osd communications, we had put all Ceph-related communications on an isolated V-lan. This functioned quite well, however was not in line with best practices, and left no way for us to use Ceph’s built-in Zabbix reporter.

After a large amount of research, we determined that the most often given advice regarding modifying the storage network configuration of an operational Ceph cluster is “Don’t.”

Taking this to heart, we started the backup process.
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Office work

We’re currently in the process of running network cable, and moving our servers into the rack. Expect a video soon!


I know this is going to come as a surprise to everyone given our impeccable release schedule, but we’re working on yet another video here at Misappropriated Genius.

This time, we’re trying something new, and story-boarded the video. It’s a bit of a change in the workflow, but allows us to plan out a cohesive video, rather than searching a massive folder of footage for the next good bit.

Believe it or not, I think we (as in Sam) are getting better at this video editing thing. Let us know if you agree, or have any suggestions.

Stuff? Check.

Had a pretty productive Saturday… Started tearing into the truck (we do have video, but that’s on hold until we can source parts) got the motorcycle running (Also on video) and welded a chair back together (now Sam can stop complaining).

Bonus picture:


State of the (electrical) union

Rooftop drone fishing, working on the design for an ultrasonic cleaner, sourcing 3000 degree fire brick for a smelting furnace and designing the burner for said furnace…. It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Now that the warm (read dry) weather is back, so are the projects.